Monday, May 29, 2017

Screw you too insurance company

Frickin insurance company. The new antidepressant has to be approved by them, and even if it would be, it'd cost me $65 a month for the lowest dose.

Guess I'll be making a call to the psychiatrist in the morning to explain that I'm not taking that med. And I was actually hopeful for it. It's an antidepressant, ssri, while also doing chemical stuff targeted at anxiety. It's because it's newer with no generic.

Let's see what I get recommended next and if my insurance will cover it. I'll have to tally the list sometime of how many psych meds I've tried in two years. Because I feel like I'm pushing the limits on how many are left available. There are only so many antidepressants out there.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Sick with a minor plague

It's been a long few weeks. I ended up getting a minor plague from Lisa. I housesat for one night and ended up so sick. I'm not 100% still and it's been over two weeks now.

I've also not been sleeping properly for a month now. I hoped being sick would fix that. Nope, I fell asleep at a reasonable hour for only one night. It's now between 1 and 3 am. It's not good for my physical health. Nor is being so tired during the day that I essentially pass out, but god forbid I sleep at night.

My anxiety has also been through the roof. That may be part of the issue with not sleeping properly. Starting a new antidepressant. Couldn't tell you the name. It's very long and starts with a v. *shrugs*

Oh, I'm getting a new primary doctor. Here's hoping he's better than my last one. That guy was AWFUL. So better is not hard to accomplish.

Other than that, I'm unhappy in my relationship with Frank. But I'm actually thinking it through to decide if I'm generally unhappy and projecting. Or if there are issues I can't overlook anymore.

I also know I don't date people long term really well. I get bored and restless. I notice things more or more like I always did but happy love chemicals going on made me dismiss them at the time.

I know I have a busy of my own issues so I'm trying to be more patient and understanding. I don't know. I see what happens and continue monitoring how I feel.