The Who's Who

I've been meaning to do this for a long time now. Giving enough background so you know who is who when I talk about people here.

When I started this blog, I was actually seeing someone else as a Dom. We got together in early 2012. By the time I met Sir in July of that year, I knew the other relationship wasn't going to pan out to anything long term. I won't lie; it was a transition relationship. It didn't last more than a couple months into this blog.

The Ex? Well the Ex has been around for years. Being a pain in my ass. Thankfully as of June 2015, The Ex is gone. Steps were made the previous year, but him being the asshole he is, didn't follow them even with a court order, but he's gone now.

Oh Chris...this one is still breaking my heart even though I ended things. We had been best friends since high school. He was there for me when I had no one else. And now? He won't even talk to me. I understand that it's too painful. I only wish things could be different because I miss my friend but I understand all too well.

I met Lisa because I knew her husband first before they even met. They got together and he thought her and I would get along. Oh if only he knew what partners in crime we would be!! Lisa is my best friend, and was(?) my girlfriend. But the best friend part comes first every time. We met in the summer of 2011, and started the whole relationship bit...well I guess it developed organically in 2013. There is no real official start date for us, just the slow progression towards the inevitable. I don't know when things ended or how. But they did.

Kevin and Rebecca used to be very good friends of mine who are in a relationship together. After a really messed up situation, months of being distanced out of my most of my friendships, and some really fucked up shit...I lost what used to basically be family.

And then there is Steve, who used to be my Dom and my significant other. He's the whole reason this blog began. We met July 15th, 2012. And things ended on June 8, 2014. Since then things have slowly gone to hell, until I ended what tattered remains there were of the friendship.

Since June 8, 2015 I started seeing a guy named Frank. We're kind of D/s...ish. I don't know how to trust enough to go back to full submission. But we're happy and good. We have plans for the future. He's good to me, loyal, and isn't going anywhere. He's consistent and reliable. It's likely the healthiest relationship I've ever had.

Not sure where this will go, only that this is my place to figure out what comes next.

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