Sunday, September 17, 2017

Music for the soul

Ya know, I normally don't write because I don't want to share the depths of hell that my mind can be. This hasn't been one of those times. Things have been calm and peaceful. As much as I can relate to and understand a sense of what those mean.

I am seeing a temporary therapist. He's only available until the end of December so it works. He can see right through me. It's creepy but I kinda need that even if it makes me twitch a little bit. Or a lot.

Today, I installed pandora on my phone and have been listening to all my old channels. I had forgotten how much I need music. Singing while letting all my emotions out. There's nothing like it. I love writing but singing is more alive.

Earlier, I reached out to Chris. I doubt I'll hear back but I needed him to know I was thinking about him and how much I miss our friendship. Just to enough to know he's not forgotten, not will he ever be.

Now back to listening to music. :)