Monday, August 4, 2014

Higher Standards

Yesterday, I got a message from a guy. It was on a very specific bdsm website that is known for the trolls and laughs. But he was nice. We exchanged messages for a while. They were witty, funny, and highly sexual. The man pegged me for what I enjoy.

And I'm so disinterested it's not even funny.

The guy did nothing wrong. The argument could be made he did a lot right. It was so...boring.

Really, where's the fun and challenge if the person views bdsm in the exact same way??  *yawn*  You might think being so complimentary sexually with another person is a good thing. Nope, because then that's all they see. The sexual submissive woman. Believe me, I know the type. It's hot for a while until I deviate from being the good little subbie, as I always do. Then comes the fighting, after that I'm just bored.

So, I skipped the whole process right to boredom LOL

I know the routine, which means I can manipulate it, and that whole power exchange bit? Yeah, I come out on top. Again, boring.

Elevated standards? Yep, pretty much.

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