Saturday, August 2, 2014

Keep Calm And...?

What y'all here in blogland don't know is that I've been a fairly hermitted person for the last 8-9 months. I didn't completely lock myself away, but enough that some people haven't seen me in all that time and I live 20-25 minutes from them. It's strange to think that I haven't seen some people since 2013.

Before that, I was the social butterfly. There was always something I was doing or people I was going to see. Idk, the Ex kinda ruined that in a lot of ways. I got pushed so deep into my depression that it honestly didn't feel like it had been that long apart from people. Time meant very little to me.

Most people talk about a light at the end of a tunnel. Well, I'm there. Being blinded by the light, sounds, colors, noises, people. It's a bit overwhelming to the woman who's been mainly inside of depression for the last 12 years. I'm working on adjusting though. I've been out twice in past couple of weeks to larger social functions. They were fun. I'm even planning a little bbq party at my place in a few weeks.


It's been a long week. An emotionally wrought one at that. Everyone tells me I'm strong because I've endured so much and I'm still functioning. I'd like to petition to whatever higher power that is listening: Can I get a break? For a little while? Please?

Give me a few months where I don't have to be this fortress that endures. But I know better.

So I'm going to try to follow Rogue's advice:

Yes, yes to all the chocolate

Good starting place



  1. Cygnet made a comment to me earlier that resonated ... The only way past it is through it.

    It's true (even though it sucks that it's true). I, too, have been outside waving at the heavens -- Hello, anyone there? Can you See me?

    Laughter helps. REALLY helps. Being a little naughty helps, too. That brings more laughter. LOVE your Keep Calm -- all three of them. Nice what you did there...

    1. All things will pass. I know that to be true. The cynic in me says that when they do, something else will take its place. The optimist says that it could be something good.

      Glad you liked the Keep Calm posters. They were for you after all. :-D