Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Happy Birthday and Have Fun Seeing Doctors!

I have an appointment tomorrow morning with my neurologist to talk about the lack of some taste buds, as well as the burning/tingling mouth and tongue sensations. Of course I now have a chest infection on top of all this. It started a little bit last night and is full blown awful today. But seeing my neurologist came after a bunch of phone calls.

My psychiatrist is fairly certain it's not the med he has me on nor the leftover abilify. I'm also not allowed to start the new medication until someone determines what is going on. My primary doctor was thinking one med I take and since my neurologist prescribes it, I called him.

However, my neurologist is thinking it's another med altogether so that's why I'm going in at 8am tomorrow.

On my birthday no less. Woo, happy birthday to me LOL

If all of that sounded convoluted with the meds, it is. I have to keep a list in my phone so I remember what I take and how much. Plus I get an occasional injection from my neurologist and I'd have to look up whatever that is called because I've heard the name twice. I need to do that some time to add to my list.

Currently I take, Morning: 200mg gabapentin, .1mg florinef, 1mg klonopin, 50mg topamax; Afternoon: 300mg gabapentin; Nighttime: 300mg gabapentin, 1mg klonopin, 50mg topamax, 10mg baclofen

And then every 12 weeks, depo provera shot.

This is less medication than I've been on in the past. There are no antidepressants in that current list.

Two years ago, I was on nothing. And I can't even complain really about any of these. Topamax stops migraines. Gabapentin helps the fibro. Florinef keeps my adrenal system working properly. Klonopin stops the panic attacks and the constant freaking out. Baclofen is a muscle relaxer so I can move about without looking like I'm 80.

That last one is the med my neurologist thinks is the issue but he's not 100% sure. I see a blood test in my future, as in tomorrow. This is not how I imagined my birthday going but I should have expected it. I also do not imagine whatever is wrong getting resolved tomorrow or in the next few days. I'm just hoping it's not permanent, or something isn't seriously wrong. Because I'm trying not to think about that.

That's why I was so frustrated and angry in my last post.

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