Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Everything is changing

I apologize for the unintended hiatus. I needed space to breathe, think, and sort things out.

I was fighting with new insurance about getting meds covered. Trying to replace half my doctors. Dealing with the fall out of my inner circle of friends. Lisa's husband making me contemplate murder for the first time in a while. He can have a heart attack any day and pass away, for all I care. I know that sounds callous but he's making my girlfriend miserable. Treating her like shit.

Frank hasn't been any better over the last five to six months. I'm done. I deserve better. I have better in Lisa and the guy I mentioned last time. I never thought anyone could make me so happy, be so supportive. I didn't know what I needed until we found each other, hiding in plain sight.

Friday everything changes. I'm ending things with Frank. It wasn't an easy or quick decision. Honestly it's been building to this for some time.

Stupid ex husband used me. I won't be used again. I learned my lesson.

I've also been silent bc I knew Steve was getting married. Last Friday in fact. And it mattered until suddenly it didn't. Funny how that works. I wish them all the best, I guess, considering she doesn't like me lol.

I have a bright future to look forward to and that's in the past.

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