Sunday, February 4, 2018

Interesting developments

It feels like part of my life is returning, or more appropriately, currently happening the way it should have gone in the first place. I have a happy, stable primary relationship with Frank. Things are starting to pick back up with Lisa, as if it had never stopped. I believe we're both in better places, mentally at least. We're both all sorts of broken but that's life.

And...I have a person of interest who is also interested in me. There may have been a party last night where I casually flirted with him. A few texts back and forth revealed mutual sexual desire. This is a very good friend of frank and I, so slow is the best approach at this time. There are other factors at play so even thought it will only be casual fun, treading carefully.

My sex drive finally kicked back in in January. Thank all the gods for that!

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