Thursday, March 20, 2014

Further Ramblings

I'm browsing Facebook after a glass of wine...

...still a glass of wine.

I'm actually half way through glass two.

And I realize that some of my friends are paranoid in completely different ways. I have a bunch of activist and socially aware friends...who happen to think very different thoughts about a variety of topics. Including whether or not the Westboro Baptist Church is in reality a social experiment instead of a group of bigots.

I didn't say I agree with said friend, but it makes for an interesting feed.

Now I only have 57 friends on FB. Out of those people, I talk to/see about 16 of them. People I talk to regularly? Chris and Lisa.

Considering I'm an extrovert, I'm very antisocial to 99.9% of people. Sir says it's possibly an issue. I think it's perfectly fine.

So the information I do see is fairly personal (besides pages I follow which range from silly cats to activist pages). And I realize that even though I think some people are a little too paranoid, they think. A lot. Which is more than most people do. I find I appreciate thinking people over people who agree with me without understanding why. Or people who share common interests but don't quite grasp the idea of open mindedness and being an adult.

That idea is unfathomable to me that people could be 20 years my senior, have kids and grandkids...and be blinded by their narrow viewpoint of the world. Or plain arrogance.

It's funny. Because people I know claim that Fetlife is their safe place where they are free to be themselves. For me, Facebook is my private place where I have a limited amount of people. Where I don't have to be guilt tripped for not having everyone added as a friend. Because "omg, we're all like 13 year old girls and let's be besties forever!!!" Or not...

I actually don't know where this is going. Only that people suck. And I like being a weird combination of extrovert and introvert.

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