Saturday, March 8, 2014

Random Saturday Messages

I just got the most random, what the fuck message ever. Believe me, I've gotten a ton of messages over the years but the nature of it is definitely unique. Almost hitting a starting point to talk and then going deep into right field.

"Hey I'm a Pagan, I think? I believe bacteria are our Gods, since they created us, live in us, shape our deep evolution, and we turn into them when we die..."

Yep. That's...what do I do with that? Lol

If there had been more of a conversation first, or if the guy asked a question, but as it stands I'm sort of confused.

It amused me enough that I thought I'd share. :)

Oh I was finishing this, I got another message that said: "Can I ask a strange question?"  Pretty sure I don't want to touch that with a ten foot pole!!!  Must be something in the air today...


  1. That's a very strange comment indeed. I hate that because you are a submissive woman or kinky in some way that men feel like they can say or do anything they want. I can't tell you how many cock pics I've received on Twitter! Not to mention messages telling me all the deviant things they are going to do to me. Ugh!

    1. Unfortunately, it's not just men. If anything, women send weirder messages (my girlfriend likes to share with me all her horror messages lol).

      It was WAY worse when I was single, but even though nothing on any profile suggests that I'm looking...(which I'm not. I barely have enough time for all 3 of them as it is. It's a blessing in disguise that Chris lives three hours away)...It doesn't matter what my profile says. The guys that message me think that they're better than what I have. Or that because I'm poly, I sleep with anyone. UGH

      But yeah, cock shots?? Ew. Unless I ask for genitals, keep them FAR away from me!! LOL