Friday, January 16, 2015

Coffee Date

Last night I had a coffee date with a cute guy. We ended up closing out the starbucks and ended up elsewhere to get drinks of the more alcoholic persuasion. Turns out he's also a wine drinker, and likes good red wine. He gets points for that.

I joined an online dating site, one I had been on years ago. The funny part is seeing several people I know from my everyday life on there as well, and apparently we're decently well matched. That explains why we're friends, lol.

This guy I went to coffee with, we ended up talking about philosophy, math as the language of the universe, random science that impacts the world, religion and cults. Flirting mixed in with that. It was a lot of fun. Far more than I expected to have.

He's hot. No other way around that. A little on the shorter side, but still taller than me. It shouldn't matter, but it does. We may be getting together on Sunday. If not, I'm sure it won't be long. There was a good night kiss...and wow. So much so that we went to go our separate ways, and ended up kissing again. I found out later that he wanted to push me against his car and make out until the wait staff said something. I felt like a teenager again, haha.

I'm open to seeing what happens. I like him. Even if it's not a romantic interest, I could see us being really good friends. He's a little shy, a little quirky. But I like quirky. :)

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