Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dr Who and Pondering the Universe

I became an accidental Dr Who fan. Blame Lisa lol

Currently I'm mid way through season 2. Twice now the first companion Rose has had a chance to see her dad who passed when she was 6 months old (though one was an alternate universe version).

Anyway, Lisa and I got into a discussion of whether that temptation would be too much for anyone to pass up or if after the first time, and subsequently breaking the universe, would be warning enough.

Having lost my mom at a young age (7) the question has more weight for me than it does for her as both her parents are alive and well.

So we're talking about all this and I say no that I wouldn't seek out my mom. She wouldn't know me and any interaction wouldn't and couldn't live up to expectations. I also have clear memories and impressions of who she was. I've modeled some of who I am and how I make decisions because of that. I wouldn't trade my memories of her for a chance that this one more might be what I expect it to be.

The character of Rose learns that people often speak more kindly of the deceased. So too are likely my memories kinder.

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