Friday, June 2, 2017

Curiosity broke my heart

I'm my own worst enemy. It's not the same. He was so different and it was 10 years ago. Or will be in a matter of weeks. My heart broke when he married her a few years ago. And silly me, fb shows people you might know, and I had to look.

Curiosity and all that. He's no longer with her. I can't see all of it obviously. But she no longer has his name and is dating someone else.

There's this tightness in my chest. A hole in my heart that's bleeding. Steve may have seen into my mind, but he...well he saw into my heart. Broken in very different ways by the two people I allowed myself to be truly free around.

And stupid heart, I want to talk to him. Offer comfort. But I can't. I won't. Because I'd be foolish enough to love him again. Damn them both.

Damn me more.

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