Saturday, December 21, 2013


There once were spirits that lingered in and of the elements of Earth. They kept the balance between earth, fire, water, and air. The youngest was a daughter of air. She had not the power of her sisters, who were hurricanes, tornadoes, and cyclones. No, she was the the barest of breezes that warmed in summer days, played amongst the snowflakes in winter, ushered in the first breath of spring, and felled the last leaf in autumn.

The young air spirit roamed the world searching for something to connect with, as she had always felt disconnected from the world she was charged to help keep in harmony. What she searched for, she did not know. Yet she continued her travels to the farthest reaches of the world. When she had seen all she could see, she fell into despair. She felt nothing had changed because of her. Hairs she could gently brush against for a moment, the flowers that would sway as she passed by, these were fleeting.

She was so caught up in her belief that she couldn't cause major changes to the world around her that she missed the effects she had as she passed throughout the world. When her breeze swept through the hairs of humans, she brought smiles to their lips. She reminded them of the gentleness of the world, often when they needed it most. When she swayed the flowers in fields, young children and animals would stop to watch in pure delight.

With a tiny spark of hope left in her, she turned to the oldest of spirits for guidance, the mother of all things bound to the soil. The little air spirit tentatively ventured down into the home the earth mother had made in the rich soil far away from the prying eyes of the world. The older spirit welcomed her warmly, "Hello little breeze. What can I do for you?"

"Well mother, I'm lost. All my sisters can do wondrous things that can impact the world. Our brethren of earth, water, and fire spirits helped create and sustain this beautiful world. They all have a purpose. I fear that I'm a mistake, that there is nothing I can do that can have as great an impact as they." She huffed and sobbed without tears, stirring up the dirt floor of the earth mother's home.

The earth mother looked her over for a moment, "You truly think you don't have a purpose? Come, let me show you." She held out her hand to the air spirit, who took it earnestly yet with misgivings in her heart. The air spirit knew better than to disregard earth mother, so they journeyed back up to the surface. They were in a small park with children playing with their parents and pets. "Go child and walk among them. Watch."

And so the breeze spirit began to walk and wander among the living creatures of the earth. At first she saw no difference, until a little girl stood next to her smiling. While the little girl couldn't see the spirit, she felt the warm breeze. The child smiled with pure joy and swung about before running back to her mother. The spirit watched the girl, understanding beginning to take root. She moved to the dogs running through the park. She traveled with them, laughing as she watched them breathe in deeply the smells of summer that floated along her trail.

After spending the afternoon playing with the living creatures, she returned to earth mother who had waited for her, watching the young spirit's heart fill with joy. "I see you understand now," said the older spirit. "Our brethren can do many wonderful and amazing things. We keep their world alive. We flow through their bodies, keeping them strong. But you, little spirit, you have something that none of us have. You can touch their hearts, bring joy to their lives. That is your purpose."

Renewed, the breeze spirit thanked earth mother for all her help. She ran off to all parts of the world, bringing happiness and peace wherever she went. For it is in the gentlest of breezes that hope, wonder, and peace is brought to the world.

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