Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday the 13th and a Kissing Ball

I love Friday the 13th. It's always an interesting day. Though the argument can be made that I notice the unusual more because I'm waiting for, compared to just any other day...but we're going to ignore that in lieu of saying how awesome Friday the 13th truly is!!

It's been a rough week already so today better be awesome. I need a good day. Y'all are somewhat aware of the crazy shit that goes on in my head. That's kind of the norm for me, so much that I barely blink at it anymore. This past week? Pretty sure I was going insane. Everyone swears I wasn't, but would they really tell me if I was? Regardless I seem to have leveled out. Thank god!

So, I've been incredibly domestic this week. All the cleaning, ugh! I'm hosting a party on Sunday for the holidays. Should be fun! And Sir will be there. Yay!!! We're not going to mention that I haven't seen Him in two months...

The downstairs of my house looks like Christmas and glitter exploded everywhere. I've been busy decorating too and I'm not quite done yet, lol. I was telling Sir about the kissing ball I bought because I checked every single store in my area and no one had any. I was looking for the plastic or fabric kind that I could use every year. Nope, not a damn one to be found. Most stores never got a shipment for it in the first place. Is mistletoe going out of style??? As a kinky person, that makes me terribly sad.

Anyway, I was telling Sir about the kissing ball. Of course He had no clue what I was talking about. When I tried to explain it at first, I did a terrible job. Then I thought He might be mad at me (I know, I never claim to be rational. I don't know why people keep expecting it out of me.). Finally I explained it better and sent a picture to go along with it.

That's what mine actually looks like. Bought it at Pier One because they were the only ones who even had a kissing ball. Either way, it'll induce lots of kissing and I'm more than okay with that. :-D

Tomorrow I'm going to a friend's to bake gluten-free cookies. So between all the cleaning left to do, laundry, cooking baking, and then the party Sunday, I'm going to need a few days of quiet and nothingness to recover! Hee hee! :-P

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