Monday, May 19, 2014

NRE and Other Relationships

NRE (new relationship energy)...oh the lovely things it does to people.

Friends of mine that I've mentioned here before, Kevin and Rebecca...well apparently they are seeing this new woman and now they Own her?? I'm going to keep my thoughts to myself about all that. Frankly because I don't think it needs to be said.

I know I'm highly susceptible to NRE. Thank god Sir was/is sensible and I love Him so much for that right now. That man is the voice of reason; I need to remember that more often. I can be the wild one and He can continue being sensible. Balance each other out. But someone needs to be the voice of reason...

Or people make decisions that have a high probability of crashing and burning.

(Seriously, we were talking about this recently. He's been that good guy His entire life. Whereas for me? There are things that upon reflection were incredibly reckless. There's a good decade worth of moments where I wonder, "how did things go as well as they did." It was so worth it though, lol)

Other than shaking my head at my feed on Fet, I've been busy the last several days planning a trip that's in less than two months. I'll be spending over a week with Chris in July. Our plans of seeing each other later this month fell through for a few reasons. But July will be our friends commitment ceremony that I mentioned a while back.

It's a small, intimate event. The big white wedding will be some time next year, probably in the Fall. This will be the religious ceremony that they couldn't have with their family. He follows a Norse tradition, whereas she leans towards the Greeks. Their families are extremely Christian and are already upset that the big white wedding won't be in a church.

Honestly, it reminds me of collaring ceremonies. Something that the outside, general public just wouldn't understand. So we've been trying to get all the details together. Food planning, attire, arrivals and finding space for everyone, planning a girls night out the night before. Chris and I have been doing what we can to help our friends with ironing out everything.

Not to mention that another couple we're friends with is getting married in November. There's just so much going on within that group of friends. Chris and I have joked about it that we're actually really glad we'll never be getting married. We're so happy to stay dating for the foreseeable future because we'll always have our own space.

I think Sir's reasonableness is rubbing off on me, lol. Reasonable expectations of relationships and progression therein is not something I've ever been good at. See the above of being a bit on the wild side. Either I wanted too much, too quickly or I had casual flings with people who wanted a relationship. Not to mention getting involved with people who were very bad for me because I rushed into a relationship.

There may actually be a good balance of all that now. I'm in no rush to go anywhere with any relationship. Just be open to seeing what happens. I think that's a healthier place for me to be.

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