Friday, May 23, 2014

Personality Differences

There's a new tab up above that I've been meaning to add for ages. It's fairly straightforward of who people are and how long they've been around. I'm fairly certain it was Blondie who commented about being very confused by all the people. I hope that helps.

I forget that you all aren't in my head with me, having access to years of memories. Don't worry, I do the same thing with Sir...and my therapist for that matter. It's a personality quirk of mine. It even happened yesterday. I thought something was common knowledge and apparently I obfuscated the issue. Something I excel at, by the way.

Anyway, I saw Sir on Tuesday evening. He essentially handed me a book to read about personality types. It was quite fascinating, and based on Myers Briggs and Keirsey. I was a fraction away from either a ENFJ or an ENTJ. The key difference between the two is empathy and how those types influence the people around them. ENFJ is all empathy and compassion, gentle guidance. ENTJ is no nonsense, my way or you're wrong.

What surprised me was Sir saw far more of the ENTJ in me. And it really does go to show that I'm very different around different people. How I treat adults (including myself) and how I treat children are night and day. Around children and animals, I'm the eternal mother. We can work out the problem until it's fixed. Around adults? Hahaha, it's my way. Because I'm right and I know better.

Except when I don't. And Sir gives me looks. Because He knows better. I love you, Sir. *smiles and bats eyes*

This is because as I was reading this book, one personality type had me laughing so hard because it was Sir. INTJ, otherwise known as the mastermind. He has literally said things to me nearly word for word that are part of that personality. Like, once something is known? It's known and doesn't have to be reestablished.

It explains so much about Him. Once He establishes a baseline, that's how it is until He changes it. If there are no active changes, then everything still stands as it was before. Which is maddening to someone like me, because I need updates on information. Even if nothing has changed, I still want confirmation because I need to know that I'm working with the most current information.

This is the very reason why I worry about things between us when He doesn't. Nothing has changed for Him so He doesn't see why I worry. Whereas I worry because nothing has been established for the present, only the past. What was then doesn't mean what is now, though I'll have to adjust because that how He works.

If we ever drive each other insane, it'll be for that reason. Thankfully, I'm not a pure ENTJ (who is funnily enough the Fieldmaster) and can switch on the high empathy to work out issues in a peaceful context...instead of taking over the world and setting on fire that which displeases me. :-P

That's what we had fun talking about on Tuesday. Nothing terribly kinky until He was teasing me next to my car. Rubbing me through the skirt just enough to tempt me. Sadist...

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