Sunday, November 9, 2014

Home From Friends' Wedding

I'm home again, after all the wedding...everything. It went as well as it could have given the drama of friends' families. There were moments of laughter and fun. The bride's mother and I started drinking wine at 3 pm on Friday. Just so we could keep from killing the maid of honor. She was...unbearable. When the bride found out about all the nonsense, she was furious. Let's just say I don't think they are friends anymore.

Besides all of the drama, it was a great wedding. The bride and groom had so much fun. The bridal party (myself included) sang along to their wedding song:

The groom sang it to the bride while they were dancing. Everyone was trying not to cry and most of us weren't succeeding. I think there's video of the entire bridal party trying not to fall apart. Chris was also in their bridal party, as these are friends of ours who got married. We were looking at each other from across the dance floor, basically singing the song to each other. It was really cute.

We also found out we're "that couple." The ones who are so cute and sweet that you want to gag. We never thought of ourselves as such, to be honest, before Friday night. I'm going to blame the wedding atmosphere for causing that. We also apologized to our friends because the photographer kept taking pictures of us throughout the night, being snuggled up together. Slow dancing and such.

That was mentioned the morning after at the hotel over breakfast. Most of the wedding party and some of the guests ended up at breakfast, unintentionally, at the same time. Our friends laughed when we told them about all of the pictures of us that were taken. They noticed it as well, and agreed that we were adorable.

Unfortunately, this is going to lead to questions about marriage...again. *sigh*  We're adorable together, yes. We'd also kill each other if we lived under the same roof, probably about a month in. So when we are together, we're happy to have the time. Otherwise we enjoy our space apart. I understand that it's not part of normal relationships, but it works for us.

Now that I'm home, I can chill and relax. At least for a couple days. I'm actually excited to stay inside and clean. Cook and bake. Be absolutely domestic. Steve's coming over to spend some time relaxing with me this week. I'm so excited for that. Snuggles! Yay! And back rubs, hopefully. We probably both need them. I'm just happy for downtime with him.

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