Tuesday, November 11, 2014


He ran his thumb over my bottom lip
My breath hitched
All thought ceased
My body limp in surrender

There, lurking behind hazel eyes,
Was a force aching for flesh and torment
And I prey, caught in the piercing gaze

Vulnerable and exposed, my offering
Hunger and passion, his desires

Softly I mewed,
Content in his exploring touch
The sweet innocence fueling his sadistic urge

"What is your darkest secret?"
He whispered, leaning in close
My nerve lost,
A thought silenced on a stilled tongue

The unspoken words of
"What do you want to know?" lay unbarred
That I would throw open all the gates is my secret,
To be truly seen and understood

That the same stillness of a graze upon my lip
Would be known in the softest corners of my mind

But he shakes his head, smiling softly,
"That is no secret, not to me. Search deeper."

In the stillness, I saw as he saw
There were no secrets,
No dark places he could not reach
Light shone on all for him to see,
Every door unlocked

"Your darkest secret is that you try your damnedest
To believe you can still keep something, anything from me.
You wish to have some power, some bit of knowledge to tempt me.
You fear the peace of surrender you so long for..."

I woke as if from a dream
Alone in bed, the echo of his touch upon my skin
Peace in surrender to that which I can not change
I hold no power here

The blurring of reality and fantasy...

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