Monday, November 3, 2014

A Night On The Town

During my friend's bachelorette party, we ended up at this one bar. There was music playing so we figured we'd drink, dance, and have some fun. We're not the bar or club type of people. I hadn't gone dancing in years. I left that behind early on in college.

I was reminded why I don't go to places like that or really hang out with those kind of people. They are kids. I'm not talking about actual age. I'm sure a number of them were older than me. But it reminded me of middle school and high school. I people watched and honestly? I had quite a few laughs that evening.

For one, at the girls who are obviously straight and grinding up on each other. All to get the attention of some guys...Yeah okay. So what's a kinky, pansexual woman going to? Dance with another woman like I'm fucking her on the dance floor as I bite her shoulder. My friend enjoyed the hell out of it too, lol!!!

I had another laugh at the guys who were trying to get the attention of the girls who were obviously trying to get the attention of the guys but had no interest in going home with them. That's fucking hilarious. Then there were the slightly awkward and adorable guys who had no idea what to do when a woman actually wanted to dance with them. Yep, I go for the nerdy guys who got dragged along with their friends. The one was wearing a captain america t-shirt. It was so cute how out of place he was.

What really made me laugh was all the games that they were playing, guys and girls, back and forth. It's makes me so fucking glad to be kinky and not really around "regular society people" much. If I wanted to go out with someone, or wanted to play, or have sex, do you know what I'd do? Tell them. Ask. Talk about it.

As much as I cringe sometimes at how much attention I get, how often people want in my pants, I'm grateful about how they go about it. None of the dumb games people play. And yeah, I get a lot of interest and attention. I'm not on the market or looking either. In the last several months, a lot of people have been interested in relationships, play, friends with benefits, dating, all sorts of things. I've turned every one of them down.

I'm not interested in dealing with other people's bullshit and idiosyncrasies. But after the weekend, I am so glad I'm kinky and in my community. "No" and "not interested" means something and is respected. I'd rather the interest from kinky people any day and having to deal with that than the outright equally hilarious and horrifying games the rest of the world plays.

We really should have gone to the gay bar instead. It would have been way more fun, hahaha! 

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