Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It's not summer yet, but the weather says differently

Can I just have Spring weather for a little bit?? It was summer weather today. Blegh. Eighty-frickin-six was the high. I live in the North of the US. When I lived two hours north of here, it didn't get reasonably warm until early May. Granted, I was in the valley of a bunch of mountains...but two hours south shouldn't make this much of a difference.

Maybe I need mountain weather again. Or hills. Maybe more north, in a different state. I like my area of the country. For the most part. I could be somewhere more liberal than where I currently live. The confederate flags on trucks is a bit disturbing and disappointing...

Oh I could get political but I shouldn't.

On a completely unrelated note, Frank said to me yesterday "So, Canada?" Honestly that's too close for me these days. I brought up moving to Canada last fall. It's been mentioned since here and there.

Maybe Australia. Oh wait. Never mind. Politics are fucked up there too. New Zealand is always nice but very difficult to move to. Maybe Canada after all.

Though Frank would complain about all the snow, at least it gets snow and isn't this ungodly summer in April going on.

Or Maine. I don't think most people think about Maine too often. New Hampshire is nice as well. I could get me cabin or cottage in the middle of the woods in either state very nicely.

Things to ponder while I attempt to ignore the heat lol

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