Saturday, April 29, 2017

Masochist, and not in the fun way

If you could get out of my dreams that'd be great. And where she shows up, there's got usually are. Because damn if my mind is a sadist to itself or it's really that big of a masochist. Maybe both. And I very that you're people no longer in my life with unresolved issues, but you're not the only ones. For gods sake, she hasn't been in my life since 2008.

Except I see her on fb and I can never bring myself to unfriend her. At least it's some glimpse into her life. Yep, a masochist through and through.

But you. You are the same asshole in my dreams but only now I see it all for what it is. And if I could bleach you out of my memories, I would. Just so I'd never dream of you again.

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