Thursday, January 2, 2014

Entitlement Issues

I had some...ummm, we'll say interesting...conversations lately. A few interesting chats with an older Dominant man, in his early 50's. The overall experience was a good one. However, it was very clear that he wanted me, and would have "taken me as his sub" if I had ya know no brains or freewill. Haha! He even made a comment something to the effect of, "If I were a Gor, I'd have collared you already." Because yeah, subs don't have a say in who they get involved with. Other than that comment, it was at least amusing enough that I wasn't bored.

In contrast, a younger sub guy sent me a message the other day. I could not have been more bored. He wanted me to instantly take him as a sub. This was before we even got to first names. All he wanted was to discuss kink and what I could do for him. Let's just say that conversation didn't last long. Not to mention, I'm not a domme, lol.

The funny part about both conversations is that I make it clear that I'm not looking for any new partners or relationships. And while the chat with the older Dom was entertaining, I knew that's ultimately what he was looking for. It amuses me that no matter how clear I can be in a profile and in conversation, men still think they have something special that'll make them an exception.

Because yes, I'm going to drop the three wonderful relationships I have because someone else thinks that I'm something that they must have, own, etc. *rolls my eyes*

Sometimes the audacity of people just outright astounds me. On the other hand, those brief interactions reminded me why I am so thankful for my loved ones and how much they rock my world. :-)


  1. Honestly he sounds like Mr Experience (my first would be Dom). He had me collared & his slave before we even met (and he knew I had NO IDEA what any of it meant).

    There is something about a Dom's confidence & ... you know .. what's the word .. I don't want to say ego ... but IT just radiates from them. And it's intoxicating. And then there is the would be Dom's arrogance ... such a turn off!!!

    I do hope you put him in his place!!!

    1. Nah. I just laughed it off. I've experienced the "must-have" before. It's not worth my time, lol. You're dead on about Doms and those who want to be. ;)

      The sub guy was way more frustrating. I thought subs were supposed to cater to the Dom, not the other way around. Maybe I've been doing it wrong all this time, haha :P