Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sick of Winter, Sick as a Dog

I haven't been writing the last few days, not because I don't have things to say--I do, but because last Friday I got sick. Over the weekend, it turned into really sick. Doc says it's a viral chest infection going around these parts. Did I mention the cough that is leaving me lightheaded and my lungs aching could last 12 weeks after this????

I've been eating homemade chicken soup since Sunday. I've killed one pot of the stuff and before the weekend is out, I'll have demolished another. I'm taking what meds I can, but my lungs and general chest area have to work with me here. I can't be feeling like rubbish for the next 12 weeks. Ugh!!!

I teased Sir a bit about actually taking care of myself for once. Maybe I'm learning to behave up to His standards, lol. I tease because He'd argue that it's not a D/s matter. It never had to be, we've turned it into one. If y'all could hear the tone He gets, my fellow subs would completely understand. The one where Their voice turns to stone (or ice) and you know you've crossed a line or pushed things to far?? Yeah, He gets that tone when I've exasperated Him in the past because I don't take good enough care of myself. Which flips a switch in my mind so my voice gets soft and sweet.

I'm all adorable, you wouldn't possibly be mad at me, Sir, would you?

Everyone who knows me, knows that look I get when I've landed myself in trouble and the tone of voice. None of them fall for it. I'm well aware.

So, I'm being good. Taking it easy and not stressing my body out. I'm doing better now, but Sunday after my last post sucked. Feelings of being crushed and suffocated simultaneously are nightmarish. More chicken soup until I'm swimming in it. Maybe if I just eat that until the cough goes away, it won't linger for 12 weeks. We can only hope!!!

I'm actually glad Sir hasn't been around to see the symptoms of this illness. He'd just worry more and very likely tell me to stop doing what little I'm managing. Then again, I'm a rebel. :-P

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