Monday, February 10, 2014

He knows me too well

Yesterday I spent the day with Sir, yay!!

The night before we were flirting and teasing each other. Though I was told that I "couldn't have too much fun" because it's the only way to keep me in line, lol. As if I don't thoroughly enjoy being kept in line! So suffice to say, I was extremely turned on by the time I arrived at Sir's place the next day. No doubt that was entirely on purpose.

I even had a sex dream that night, of being pushed to the ground and mounted in a crowded room. Yeah...

Can I just mention right now that Sir knows me too well?? Better than I know myself sometimes.

Shortly after I got there, I found myself bent over at the waist holding onto the couch for support. Sir flipped up my skirt and proceeded to play with His kitten. Sweet, delicious pain from a paddle and flogger. The thuddy ache going straight through to my pussy and the sting sending my mind into a blissfully quiet place.

Then Sir had me suck His cock. I love doing that and He knows it. He was being a total dick (in the best way) by saying things like "Less talky, more sucky."  Jerk! And god forbid I need breathe. Yes, I'd love to continue sucking but I'd also like to not suffocate or choke on saliva. If He would let me practice more often, I'd be better at it. Just saying, lol. I used to be quite good but lack of practice, as with anything, makes the activity more difficult. It would also help if He wasn't frustrating as hell to get off...which means it's not entirely my fault.

So we were having this conversation while I was sucking Him off. Mostly Him talking while I gave a lot of looks. See the point where He knows me too well. I don't have to say a damn thing for Him to know exactly what I mean. Sir loved it, probably more than my lips around His cock. He enjoys that I have more fight in me. Completely shattered my previous ideas of obedience over the last year or so, but if He likes the result that's all that matters.

The rest of the afternoon was spent grabbing some lunch and watching more Chuck. He's amused by how emotionally invested I am in that show. It's His fault for showing it to me in the first place.

Unfortunately, the night didn't end as we would have liked. As things were winding down and I was getting ready to head home, my body decided to completely come undone. Back, hips, the left leg, and all the muscles/nerves in those areas were in ungodly amounts of pain. Sir spent the next three hours taking care of me.

It's actually a little funny because Sir is incredibly strict and unyielding during times like that. That's when the authoritative, dominant side of Him comes through the most. Again, He knows me too well. How I'll push myself when I'm not alright and make it seem like I'm better than I am. When it comes to my health, He is a hard-ass.

The overall consensus of yesterday? He challenges me in ways that I never expected, and I'm a better version of me for it...even if it does cause Him to wear that smug grin of His. :-P


  1. It sounds like you had a fun time ... except of course for body coming undone (I know what this is like) but it's good that Sir is so strict & unyielding .. just as it should be.


    1. Ugh, you're only going to encourage Him saying things like that! :-P Lol!!