Friday, October 3, 2014

(Not) According to Plan

Nothing can ever go as planned.

About a month ago, I ordered new carpets for my second floor. Three bedrooms and a hallway. The installers were here yesterday. I get the "Ma'am, I need to show you something." Oh, that's never good. Turns out the hallway carpet had a hole in it. Right in the middle of the piece. Completely unusable. So it has to be reordered.

If that were it, I wouldn't be too bothered by it. Unfortunately, none of the doors upstairs fit anymore because the carpet is too thick. They won't open and close anymore, including a door to the upstairs porch. The doors have to be cut down an inch or so...

*twitch twitch twitch*

I had to ask a couple of friends if anyone had a circular saw. I don't and wouldn't trust myself using it anyway. Someone is asking about borrowing one from their father, so we'll see. Until then, not much I can do.

It's always something. At least the carpets look nice and are super squishy. I've been giggling watching my cats walk on them. They're not used to the squishy yet and they're walking like they're drunk or on a ship. It's the only humor in the situation I can find right now.

Other than that, Lisa and I are going to dinner and Steve's show tonight. It should be a lot of fun. Tomorrow, I get to spend time with a friend who has been in London for the last year. I've missed her so that should be fun too. Oh and wait, I get to do things on Sunday. A pampered chef party.

We're not done yet. Monday, a guy friend is coming over for lunch. Completely platonic friend. Tuesday, I'm going with Lisa to the dentist because she's terrified of them and won't do it on her own. Then Friday, Lisa and I are going pumpkin picking with the monster man. He's old enough to understand it now. Trick or treating is going to be adorable.

This is what my life has been like since I got back from visiting Chris in the summer. I need a week to chill and decompress but I don't think that will be happening until after the new year. I still have cleaning, yard work, cooking, and working to do in addition to all of that.

If nothing else, I have two volunteers to help me with yard work next year. One friend loves to garden and the other lives in an apartment, so she has no clue of what to do. I'll be teaching her about all that. There's something on the side I'm working on as well at the moment. Maybe more on that later.


  1. It's good to hear things are going well (except for the occasional glitch, which we all get)! I have missed reading & getting caught up!

    1. Barring the occasional my dishwasher not working and having to take it all apart. Things have been pretty busy. I have plenty of things to do that keep me busy.

      Good to see you posting again too. I've missed you :)