Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What a Month

I really shouldn't be allowed to post anything until a month after any head injury. Seriously, the last month has been insane. A knee injury, concussion, an arm injury. Just as it looked like I was in the clear, a damn cold buggers in and I'm fighting off a fever while on heavy duty pain meds. Probably a good thing I've been so busy lately or y'all would have gotten some very interesting posts.

So what have I been up to? (refers to calendar cuz the memory isn't so hot atm) Let's see. A friend came to visit for a couple days last week. Had a friend over for lunch. The same friend helped me move a kitchen hutch that was delivered over the weekend. Spending time with Lisa every week. Added a new friend to the weekly lineup. She got me addicted to Color Me Mine. We've been spending quite a bit of time there. Went to dinner with friends on last Friday night.

Two doctor visits. The second was useless. I'm fed up with my primary doctor because he won't listen. I wanted a referral to a neurologist that would work well with my primary doctor's office. Nope, he completely bypassed that. I'm done with doctors who won't listen. I'll find my own neurologist. Plus the primary doc insulted my chiropractor and dismissed my therapist...the only two medical professionals who have ever helped me...

Not a whole lot of free time. What little of it I've had has been spent resting and sleeping. I don't know where most of the last couple of weeks went. Head injuries suck. And while I love not hurting on tramadol, I like being able to think and remember things. I need something in between ibuprofen and tramadol. Somehow I doubt that exists, or if it does, I'm allergic to it. Good times.

Things slow down in a couple of weeks, thankfully. I have to make it through a bachelorette party that the bride stepped in to put me in charge of a couple days ago. The maid of honor being a total bitch to the bride's mom will do that. Then get through the wedding. After that, I've got nothing major going on until Thanksgiving at my house, the Saturday before.

At the very least, I'm busy enough that I think the depression went back into hiding. Either that or I'm too tired to properly tell.

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