Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I hate my insurance company!

My insurance company is trying to piss me off, I swear. They won't approve the MRI because they don't believe it's medically necessary. They want more tests and treatments done first...

No one knows what's wrong so how can it be treated? Apparently anything to do with losing taste at any level is a bad sign and go see a doctor immediately symptom. Hence the MRI to rule out the really bad stuff. Not all of it, just stuff that needs immediate attention.

So instead, I'm getting migraine treatments to show that it's not that. And the blood tests came back normal. I'm also on anti nausea meds because something is going on with my digestive tract. But not anything severe. Just annoying levels of dizzy, painful, and nauseating.

But more reasons why my insurance company is annoying me. I went to pay them today and the option was gone from their website. So I called, freaking out that something had happened, but they're just fucking around with the website for the new year.

Best of all, I received a letter in the mail saying my current plan will no longer be available next year but here's a new plan that's comparable, except in price. It's $140 more a month. I sure as heck can't afford that.

I'm going to have to switch companies but I have no idea who to switch to as I have so many frickin doctors and I don't know who takes what. And so much for the email saying the health care marketplace was open. Liars. They're working on their website too...on the days open enrollment begins.

Just fuck all of this bullshit trying to get things done. So much for being proactive and trying to get better.

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