Thursday, September 19, 2013

So I'm a bitch, am I?

Oh man, apparently I am full of aggressive attitude at the moment. Where did the sweet sub girl go?

For the record, we're fine. We talked some of it out. We'll talk the rest out hopefully some time this week. Somehow we always manage to figure things out, so neither of us is all that worried.

No, someone I know on Fetlife messaged an ex of mine, telling him to "control the bitch".

Well, Hi. You called for a bitch and damn well got one. I showed Lisa everything earlier and she just about died laughing. I've been in a mood lately. I almost said "Good boy" to a friend on Sunday. To which Sir remarked, "And you're sure you're not at all Dominant?" while chuckling.

No, I'm really not. But I can be snarky as heck, especially since it was a dominant guy that I was referring to with my "good boy" comment. I know full well the terminology and it can be amusing to engage dominants at their own game.

I guess that makes me a terrible submissive. Sir will just have to love me anyway. ;-)

Speaking of Lisa and Sir actually, we're getting together along with Lisa's hubby on Saturday. Going to the renn faire. Should be lots of fun! :)  Sir hasn't met them yet, which is surprising I know. It should be interesting. Hopefully everyone will like everyone else.

Lisa has been giving me a daily countdown for our little getaway trip. Gotta love that woman and how silly she is at times. Spa time, luxurious jacuzzi in the room, beautiful garden and grounds in the most perfect weather. Dinner that evening at a french restaurant. Dessert and wine delivered to the room. Breakfast delivered to the room the next morning. We really spared no detail for a girly getaway.

My diet will be a bit out the window but one night won't harm anything. I've lost 14 pounds, 5 inches from my hips, another 4 from my thighs, and a couple inches everywhere else. I'm fairly certain I'm gaining muscle mass, which is why the pounds don't seem near as significant as the inches lost. Considering I'm far more concerned about the inches, I can most certainly live with that.

That's about all that's going on. While I'm not in a dominant mindset, I truly am far away from the submissive spectrum. Maybe with all things considered, it's a good thing for the present time. It's not like that side has been needed lately. I don't mean anything bad by that comment. It is what it is. If Sir wants my submissive side out, He knows how to coax that from me.


  1. Why do people think that just because you are submissive you MUST be submissive to everybody? I am far too independant & yes bitchy to be submissive for all. I respect everybody equally, unless they give me a reason NOT to, but no I will not automatically call a Dom Sir just because he thinks I should ... thanks but NOT MY DOM, sorry!
    Anyway, glad things are going well for you .... 14lbs & 5inches!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!! You go Subbie(dom)girl! :D


    (my new url

    1. See! This is what I tell Sir. I'm a handle, even when the subgirl is out. Though the assertiveness manifests differently then, far more subtle. These times? Hahahaha! I have venom on my lips and a grin that can quiver most boots.

      Except Sir's...He just thinks it's damn adorable. Especially when I get annoyed with Him...but I remember a topic post about that from some months ago. Nope, not changed a damn. He may even think I'm more adorable now.

      Oh but the best part of all that fucking BS?? It was a "slave" trying to tell me, indirectly, what to do. HAHAHAHAHA! All the laughs that were had over that. :D

      Domgirl, nah! :P I'm too sweet and easy. Just ask Sir. He'd tell you just how easy I am to make sweet and submissive again, lol.

      And yeah, weight loss! Woo! Though I'm still about 25 lbs away from where I was at when I met Sir. That's depressing to think about. Thankfully it's starting to melt away, inch by inch.


      BTW, you need to write more! :P

  2. I love renn fairs. Hope you have a good time.

    1. Thanks! It should be a very fun afternoon. Sir and I are sorting out details now. :D

  3. It sounds like you're in such a good place. I love it!!! Happy for ya!

    Congrats on the weight and inches loss. That's awesome!!!!! High fives!