Sunday, September 1, 2013

Reconnecting With Sir

I didn't mean to step away from blogging. I'm sorry I left y'all hanging. I had every intention to write as I have things to talk about, which I will get to some of it today. The rest might stay tucked away in the shadows of my mind.

I was actually writing on the 24th. Something for far off, something I wanted to keep close. That's when the hammer of reality shattered the glass of illusions. Removed those rose tinted lenses that the inner romantic loves to wear. I was left shaken to the core and I think I've been afraid to write ever since. I was angry, over silly things that really don't matter.

Not only did I take a step back from here, I was rather distant with Sir. I don't think I was cold, just a bit removed. He's been incredibly busy lately and we were pulling apart again. We did catch it early this time and remedied the situation.

Such as yesterday, as He spent the afternoon at my place. We watched the movie "Music and Lyrics." It was adorable and fun. Plus I got to snuggle up with Him. :)

Then things got very interesting. I'm still in a happy, floating, melting place. That man knows how to push all the right buttons. While we didn't have an intense scene, it was so good to reconnect that way. And being pushed against a cabinet while being passionately kissed is always fun. Heh, I tried to touch Him while I was pressed up against the cabinet and He pushed my hands back down. Yep, I know a non-verbal order when I get one. Lol!!

Mine is similar to this but more form fitting around the neck.
Then there's always the 10 orgasms Sir literally forced out of me. Restrained, blindfolded, gagged for the first several orgasms (then I had to count the rest, I really didn't think He was going to stop at 10)....yeah, I was getting them whether I liked it or not!! Hee hee! Oh, and I had on a posture collar too. So I couldn't move my head at all. I was His play thing and all I could do was go along for the ride.

We played more after that...well He played with me and I happily sucked His cock...but it was more about the reconnecting, I think. He was barely sadistic at all. I was floating so far in my happy place that I don't think I would have minded if He had been totally mean and evil.

We settled down after that and watched an episode of Chuck. Maybe in the next year we'll finish season one, lol!! He had other places to be that night so that was all of His time I could get. But it was more than enough. It was very nice to have my Sir around yesterday. Even if being around Him makes my nerves flutter every single time.

Okay so He might not understand this...but I think y'all will. Because we'd been cuddling on the couch and very up close with one another, my shirt especially smelled like Sir. I noticed that as I was taking it off for the night. I wanted to still be connected with Him so I took that shirt to bed with me. All curled up on my pillow so I'd have His scent with me all night. It wasn't as good as having Him actually in bed next to me, but it was good enough.

All in all, it was a very good day. I had missed Him dearly.

Oh, one last thing because I said I'd give more details. Later this month, Lisa and I are going to an overnight small resort type place. Getting pampered at the spa and then staying in a gorgeous room with a fireplace and a king size four poster bed. We've already picked out a French restaurant to go to for dinner that night. There's an indoor heated pool. It's going to be fantastic! My diet is going out the window while we're there, for sure. It'll be worth every calorie! :-D


  1. So good to hear from you!


  2. Hey there!!! Nice to see you.
    You guys have come so far. You caught the drifting away and stopped it before it got too bad. :)
    So happy for you!!!
    Ps - hope to hear more about the pampering weekend. :)

    1. You will, don't worry. Especially once it's closer to that weekend. I likely won't be able to shut up about it because I'll be so damn excited!!!

  3. Hi I usually wear my BF's shirt to bed because it smells like him :)