Thursday, April 17, 2014

Back to no answers

Ugh, there have been moments of wanting to throw in the towel lately. What was shingles is now not shingles. The pain spread across my entire abdomen, which shingles doesn't do. It's weird like that, staying only on one half of the body. That's back to square one.

I was given antibiotics for what might be some kind of bladder/kidney infection with the pelvic pain. But that's as much of a shot in the dark as anything.

I've had nerve pain since I was 10. From my head to my toes, I have chronic nerve pain. It's never been in my abdomen before, but I guess this is good a time to start as any. There's also muscle spasms and tightness everywhere. Then there's the fact that someone can poke me and it'll feel like I was hit with a stick (or pipe, something along those lines.) To top off the mess that is my body, I dislocate all the time along with various subluxations along my spine. Shoulders, hips, ribs...they pop out of place every single day.

While I've known for some time there's a larger picture going on here, I have never wanted to get that confirmed. Secretly, I always hoped that one day it would all go away. Or I'd get better. At the same time, I'm not in any way surprised. I come from a family of back and nerve problems.

It's the lack of answers that's driving me insane. At this point I almost done care what it is so long as I can get an answer. We're going to hope these antibiotics fix the pelvic pain and discomfort. Then hoping the total picture of all my medical history of pain will point the doctor in a specific direction.

Or I might just go insane. Believe me, no one wants that. :-P


  1. Oh how I understand this frustration. After 10 years of testing & guess work .. I was diagnosed with lupus & fibromiaglia. Four years after that my new specialist (top specialist around too) .. is NOT convinced that it is Lupus .. definately fibro but Lupus .. "I just don't know" ...
    That is alot of problems with "chonic" illness. Its so hard to pinpoint.
    I do hope that they can do something for your pain. As for the not knowing *sighs* ... just breath & try NOT to let it get to you! (easy to say, right?!)


  2. Don't you hate when they can't make up their minds? So damn frustrating.

    Heh, I just noticed that you typed "alot". If I wasn't typing this from my phone I'd link the Oatmeal version of "alot" because it's fantastic and always makes me smile. You should google it. :)

    Maybe one day the docs can make up their minds. Until then we'll just keep keeping on. Having kinky adventures that would turn their hair white, hahaha!