Sunday, April 6, 2014


There must be something in the air. God awful winter and now that it's getting nice, other things start blowing in...

An ex of mine messaged Chris recently asking about me. Yeah...

Then, I get an email from a guy who no matter what I do or say, will not back the fuck off. We got coffee, once, three years ago. Let it go man. Seriously.

And I'm trying to enjoy myself, playing some games online. This guy says in the common chat "U chat angl?" (angl being part of my screen name). Then tries to private chat with me. Of course I decline. And he goes on to call me out in the main chat for ignoring him. Really??? I wasn't talking at all. I wanted to play a silly little game. Why is it so hard for men to take rejection? I don't owe any random stranger anything and shouldn't be made to feel bad about it.

This is me, with blankets

There's a reason I'm in my home, not out with people. I don't want to socialize, especially not with idiots on the internet.


More on the "something is in the air" bit...I've not been alright lately with my physical health. Things have been odd and strange for 2 months now. While Lisa was in the hospital, I wasn't doing so good myself but I hung in there for her benefit. This last week has been bad though. I saw a doctor yesterday. I'm going for lab work with a blood sample tomorrow. A ct scan is also in my immediate future.

Hooray for expanding abdominal pain...woo :-P

So hopefully the docs can see what's wrong or figure that shit out. Then I can go back to taking care of Lisa. Because we're both not allowed to be god awful at the same time, lol.


  1. I went back to the beginning of your blog so as to understand all the ins and outs and who is who. I find that I almost have more questions than before I started reading.
    I really hope that Lisa gets well soon. And I hope that the doctors can figure out what's been bothering you. My husband and I have the same rule, that only one of us can be sick at a time.

  2. Keep us posted on your health. That's kinda scary and certainly no fun!
    Glad things are so good with you and Sir. :)