Monday, April 21, 2014

Reasons why I'd be corrupting the internet if I didn't have this blog

...which is down towards the bottom. The rest is vanilla-y filler first.

Fresh dirt. Oh how I missed you! It's not even the green things sprouting up in my front garden (the ones that are supposed to be there anyway) that have me all excited. Nope, it's the dirt. All the hopes I have to make everything look nice enough and the energy to keep up with it over the summer.

All that pain I was suffering from? Up and left. I guess that means the antibiotics worked, right? Maybe. "Flare ups" have been normal for too long. Reminds me of chest pain I had when I was 16. The pain was shooting up to the surface right around where my heart is located. I had every test done and I was healthy as could be, besides the pain. That pain comes back every now and then. It even decided it likes the right side on occasion too. Then it'll disappear for months on end.


The last few weeks are going into my file of "odd and unusual."

I felt alright enough to weed my front garden and start planning out a raised veggie garden out back. Because of the cold and never-ending winter, it has been ages since I've been outside for more than a few minutes. I started turning pink while out this afternoon, after only about an hour or so. That's just sad, lol.

But hey, maybe Sir will stop picking on me for being so ghostly pale now. I can hope anyway! The man has had an unnatural retention of color all winter and the ability to tan with ease. I'm not at all jealous about that...

OH! Chris introduced me to a webcomic over the winter. Now, it is about guns and Texas. Blegh. BUT, it has the redeeming quality of having a storyline that features polyamory and kinky people. Failure to Fire. That is today's comic and I soooo wanted to leave this comment down below:

"I'd love to get my three significant others in a room together. That would be highly entertaining. The guys would end up talking about things I don't understand. My girlfriend and I would be our usual, weird selves with a steady supply of coffee. And at some point, I'd no longer want to be wearing clothes. That happens.

I have no projection of what might follow after that. Though likely nothing but me being naked, I'd like to explore the possibility. Just to be sure, lol."

That right there is why I only lurk on the internet. I take up a small, tiny part of it posting here, but I try not to post elsewhere because god only knows what I'll say.

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