Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pretty Pretty Princesses

Sir fixed me yesterday evening. Apparently I was more off kilter than I realized. He said my eyes looked all panicked and afraid. It's not too hard to gather that Sir was disturbed that I was looking at Him like that. I honestly had no idea. So He made it all better. He's good like that. The man gets into my brain, even when I'm not really there.

Side note: There is totally a difference between thinking and braining.

Then Sir put on Frozen, which I have to say was an amazing movie with pretty pretty princesses (and a pretty pretty snow monster, lol). All the songs were amazing. The dialogue fantastic. I highly recommend it.

I also got to meet a friend of Sir's that I've been hearing about for the longest time. I liked her, a lot. She's adorable, bookish, a bit shy and awkward. She helped me gang up on Sir a little. I was amused. Now that I've met her, hopefully my mind will take a chill pill when Sir mentions her. (I may be a tad insecure a possessive bitch curious about His female friends.)

Weirdly enough, now that I've met her, my mind is going: "Why don't you like her? She's awesome. Wait, do you like her? Because you totally should. I like her. You should keep her. Heck I want to keep her."

I have never claimed to be rational...though it makes complete sense to my mind. Now that I've met her, I see the person, not the imagined threat my mind created. Granted, the logic behind feeling threatened is a little sketchy but I swear the rest is reasonable enough.

Hmmm, gotta think about that one. I think there's something there worth analyzing about whether starting from an irrational starting point can lead to rational conclusions.

Also, Lisa is doing alright. She has a bit of a fever we're keeping an eye on. Her husband is also stepping up. I'm still watching though. Very carefully.

She says I'm more myself. I agree to a certain extent. The voice I'm writing and reading this in is not the normal one. Well, not one of the usual tones. There's a bit of a "little" to all this. Hence why watching a pretty pretty princess movie was so fantastic. And the overly used "totally"s going on.

It's alright though. Maybe a few more nights of good sleep will get me back to "me" or something like that, lol. If nothing else, it's interesting. :-D

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