Monday, July 7, 2014

Crazy Exes

I wake up around 4:30 this morning because one of my cats is mewing at me. My girls missed me while I was off galavanting. But I see my phone is flashing so I check it. An email, meh. Open it up and it's from an ex...

This is now the second ex in two weeks that has contacted me. The latest one was a brief 3 week whirlwind and I even hesitate to call him an ex. We only met up for coffee, once. There were other online and phone interactions...but eh?

That was three and a half years ago.

I swear I'm not that interesting.

Okay, so I'm submissive. Great, awesome, fantastic. There were vast incompatibility issues going on, in both vanilla and kink. The 3 week guy and I just couldn't even make it work to begin with. At least the other guy had some type of foundation built. But I gave up who I was in order to make him happy, and when I couldn't do it anymore, he tossed me aside.

Literally mind boggling.

Either I'm more interesting and special than I give myself credit for, or I attract crazies who border on stalkers. Hell, both may be true.

I just don't get it. Move on. Find someone who actually wants to give them the time of day, because I obviously don't.


  1. You ARE more interesting then you give yourself credit for!!

    1. So people keep telling me :-P

      Especially Him. We actually had a back and forth about it recently. He thinks I'm very special. I just don't see it.

      Also, it's so odd to not have a name for Him. I'll have to call Him something else on here. But He's "Sir", ya know? He earned that.

      But really, I'm boring. Lisa and I had a conversation about it this morning. The only thing we could think was that I'm sane. Because really? We've met a LOT of crazy chicks, especially submissive women. That's the sole conclusion: Sanity.

      Which is a poor reason to cling to someone, if it's the only reason. :-P