Sunday, July 27, 2014

Some much needed fun

So I had a friend over this weekend, and as we were laying in bed last night getting ready to sleep, I started rambling. Coherent rambling, but yeah. We were talking about D/s, as he's vanilla...ish?

Anyway, I was describing the difference between those who are sexually adventurous in the bedroom and those of us who are crazy enough to weave power exchange into our everyday lives. In my social circle, we're all kinky. These are well known, read, hashed out topics. But with a vanilla? All of it has to be explained.

It was an interesting experience for me as I was able to voice a lot of my opinions of power exchange and kink that I haven't thought about in years. I hit upon some very core ideals and desires for any future relationship. I'll have to mentally play with and sort out those ideas some more. Jot them down somewhere a little more private. See how I feel about them in a few months.

Lots of interesting thoughts going on, even invading my dreams as of late. Bringing forward all that which I would rather ignore at the moment. Guess I'll need to add those onto my list.

Regardless, it was a fun weekend. I look forward to seeing where this friendship will go. Yes, the guy from the party lol. It's a lot of fun and I need that. Even my therapist says I need it.

But he's not...ya know. He's got potential, but my will is stronger. It'd never work.

So for now, I'll have some fun, figure out myself in the process.

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