Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tequila...the evil conqueror of good souls

Note to self:

You are too old to drive 3 hours to a party, drink 7 (at least) shots of tequila plus 3 woodchucks and a large glass of sangria, stay up til 4 am, sleep 4 hours, and drive back home 3 hours. It does not end well. Your body will hate you and be angry for the next 24 hours.

Also, you will lose enough sense of space to forget what gravity is. You will end up face first on the ground. Not once, not twice, but three times. When the world is spinning so erratically that you don't have a sense of up versus down, you drank far too much.

Furthermore, you don't bite the person who is helping keep you off the floor. You getting a new minion and friend out of it is not the point.

I'd say you scared the vanillas but there surprising wasn't anyone vanilla there. Considering you ended up talking about the weird episodes of CSI and people chimed in on the differences between furries, pet play, and pony play.

This is why you don't drink tequila. Ever again. I know we had this conversation 5 years ago so I hope you learned your lesson this time.


Your body

This rarely ever happens. Tequila. That was the last time I was so drunk that I hurt for a day afterwards. And thankfully the nice guy I bit? He was okay with the hickies. He was more amused than anything. I couldn't actually tell you when that happened. Only that I remember it...then the next thing I remember is falling face forward while sitting in a chair.

This is about the right idea of things...
"You are now my chair and headrest, kthnx!"

I am too old for this shit. No tequila in the future and I should be good.

All that said, it was a very fun evening. The host is a very good friend of mine. Known each other about 9 years now. He's very much like an older brother, which means we pick on each other out of love and affection. I was finally able to put a lot of faces to names. It was a wild evening into night.

To be fair, there were four of us taking shots, including the host of the party. Toasting to old friendships and new ones, to getting away from crappy exes, to silly things that meant something at the time but make no sense now. There was also something about toasting to a guy who because he was straight, he must be a bisexual girl? I have no idea where that came from, only that it made sense at the time.

Do you see why it was so easy for me to get drunk around these people? They are my kind of people and so therefore, why not do shots of tequila with everyone else?? Lol, we weren't even chasing the tequila shots with anything. Yep, we were that insane.

But never, ever again will I drink that much. Nope. Lesson learned. When my body can't tolerate coffee, I'm not a happy camper. Coffee is much more preferable to drinking alcohol.

So yeah, that was Thursday night into Friday. Five of us ended up getting breakfast at a diner in the morning. The people were just as interesting sober as drunk, which is a good thing. Then I got to drive 3 hours home. Ugh.

Fun night, but from now on, other people can take the shots of tequila instead. :-P

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