Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Interesting Moments Between Friends

Yesterday was a good day, both in my head and being around the people who make me happiest. A couple times a month, I get a group of people together. Last night was on the smaller side, only 7 or 8 of us. It'll pick up once the summer is over. It's always good to catch up with people. Sir, Rebecca, and Kevin were all in attendance. It was what I needed.

Though I will say they all pick on me something terrible!! It's so easy to get under my skin. Good thing I love them regardless. The resident "Pope" had me laughing so hard that I nearly fell to the ground several times. There's an inside joke related to that name, obviously. Though at one point my little was out, Pope and I were horsing around poking each other and me pushing him. Sir deepened His voice acting like our father, telling His "kids" to stop fighting or He'd turn the parking lot around. Pope got right into it, saying things like "But Dad! She started it!" I was too busy trying not to fall on the ground laughing to contribute!!

We were outside the restaurant bullshitting at this point. It's something that tends to happen, lol. A car passed by at a bit of a distance screaming something at us. Pope starts yelling back with the funniest shit. "I have a small dick!!" and "I'll suck your cock!!" at the top of his lungs in an angry voice.  I about lost it, to the point where my stomach muscles still hurt this morning. It should be noted that Pope was yelling these things to a woman. That makes it ten times better! She started it but Pope finished it and won that battle ten times over.

These are the people I call my friends. Should tell you a lot about me. :-D

So I've been seeing Sir quite a bit lately and I'm loving it!! I also saw Him on Sunday. We went to the movies with a friend of His, and the friend's Dad. Now, before I go into this, I have to tell you about how I met this particular friend of Sir's.

It was at the local renn faire last summer. I was there with kinky friends, people who for the most part are fairly open about that fact. One of the booths was all floggers and other fun toys. I know, at a renn faire!! Well I didn't see Sir approaching but it's early on in the day, no kids were around. I'm getting flogged through my costume/outfit to "test out the product"...for science. Hee hee!! So Sir approaches with His friend as this is going on. And His friend very much saw what was happening. I give the friend a lot of credit because he was very nice and has never brought it up since. From what I understand, Sir had to have an interesting conversation about kink. Not sure if He admitted to what He likes or simply said He has strange friends.

Now, every time I see this friend of Sir's, this is all I can think of. Apparently the feeling is mutual because Sir said there was a tone of voice when Sir told him that I'd be going along with them on Sunday. Not a bad tone, but a very clear, "I remember her" tone. I should not be as proud of that as I am. :-D

And this is why I'm not allowed to meet some of Chris's friends...

Anyway, I played the vanilla role quite well. I was completely appropriate. Okay, my top might have been a touch revealing with lots of cleavage but I didn't know the friend's Dad was going to be there. I am far more respectful in dress around people's parents. I'm sure some residual effect from my childhood and my mother enforcing appropriate behavior. Whereas people my own age and younger (to a point) get me as I am, typically with lots of cleavage.

The guys talked video games, trying to convince me to play some PC game that I can't remember the name of. Yes, Sir is geeky/nerdy. I'm okay with that, as long as He knows that I personally won't be playing video games. The friend's Dad and I ended up talking about books. "So what have you been reading lately that you could recommend?", he asked. Well shit, I've been reading kinky romance novels via Kindle mainly. So I give a vague answer of mainly free books on Kindle and I threw out one of my favorite fantasy series.

If it's not obvious, I don't have to be around vanilla people very often. Typically it's for something specific so I can keep the topic focused. Socially, I tend to stay with kinky people. I do keep up with politics and world affairs but that's not exactly social conversation. My current task is to find vanilla things I can talk about with people without outing myself in any way. We live in a fairly conservative area. I doubt being a LGBTQ activist would go over well in conversation either.

I'm going to have to go back to reading classic literature that's all there is to it!! LOL But not early American. Can't stand that. Give me translated Greek works any day!

Other than some awkward vanilla moments, Sunday was just as fun. Hopefully Sir's friend thinks a little better of me. He was definitely out of his shell more so here's hoping! I can be a perfectly respectable vanilla woman when I need to be. Though I do try not to need to be fairly often. :-P


  1. I'm so happy you've been able to spend time with Sir!!!!
    His friend would be absolutely outside his mind if he didn't give you a chance. :)
    I. With you. I need to catch up on some different reading material than kinky romance. When people ask what I like to read or who my fav author is, I shrink and try to deflect the question. :)
    Glad you're doing better. *sighs in relief

    1. Oh, it does get better! I forgot to put this in the original post. When the friend's Dad asked me about my book preferences, Sir chuckled to Himself. Hmph!

      He may think I didn't catch that but I did, lol!!

      And it should be noted that I've been around this friend before in a vanilla setting. I was perfectly acceptable. Someone else even mentioned Fifty Shades of Grey!!! I didn't say a word about it. I was very good.

      Yep, I'm definitely doing better. :)

  2. JAS,
    It sounds like you have been having some good times!! That is good to hear!!!


    1. Things have been pretty good lately! Especially between Sir and I. :-D