Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Toeing The Line

I met with my therapist earlier today. My next appointment is in two weeks. I told Sir that if He wants to come and is able, He's more than welcome to do such. Therapist is interested in meeting Sir. Chuckled a bit about it actually. Then I mentioned something Sarah said to me over email about Sir and I, and He really started laughing.

It apparently has something to do with being "so in love" with each other. My first thought is "Oh god, we're gonna be one of those couples, aren't we? Ugh!"  Of course accompanied by an eye roll. I've been part of the couple before that makes all their friends nauseous. I had rather hoped not to repeat the experience, lol. :-P  The only saving grace being Sir is rather reserved in public. That still might not be enough...

The therapist and I were discussing/joking about various religions. His wife is Catholic, but not overly so. I may have made a mention that Sir is very Jesus focused. I absolutely respect Sir's beliefs, don't get me wrong. But sometimes I want to point out the obvious to Christians...they believe in a zombie man with super powers. Or that Christians are really born-again Jews. Which is how the therapist and I got joking about magic underwear. Don't even get us started on Scientology, which is more of a cult than a religion.

And this is why I like my therapist, lol.

Sir's really happy about that too. Taking a tiny bit of pride that He was right. Jerk. :-P

Also, really glad I have wiggle room on this blog to speak my mind. Because there's no way I would say half these things to Sir in person. I just have a feeling calling Him a jerk wouldn't go over well, even if it was only in jest. I know the look I'd get. The amused, but toeing the line look.

This reminds me of a conversation we had a few weekends ago actually. I enjoy getting barehanded spanked on my ass. It's lovely! Sir mentioned how He doesn't care for that as much as it hurts His hand too. The price of having a well-behaved sub?? Hee hee! But really, I simply enjoy the feeling of His hands on me and there's no implement in the world that can match that. Maybe I can talk Him into that one of these days. :)

Speaking of toeing lines, this Saturday should be interesting. My inner Sadist has a way of instigating Dominants. Sometimes confused for being a brat, but no. Just a sadistic streak that gets me in trouble because I can't back it up when confronted with actual Dominance. This is why Kevin and Rebecca are amused with me fairly regularly. I'd assume Sir feels the same way. Though Sir can still me with a look or a touch better than anyone else, because He's my Sir. No other explanation needed, lol.


  1. Of course He was right (about Therapist). Isn't He always? Lol

    Did I miss something, or forget? What is happening on Saturday?

    Love the last 2 sentences. :)

    1. Don't you go encouraging Him!!! It's bad enough Sir already thinks He's right most of the time. This is not something to be continued or I'll never win. I'd like to be able to win a few battles. :-P

      Oh, Saturday is a picnic. I'll write a post about it before then, especially since I have other plans on Sunday that could be far more interesting.

      I do too. I belong to and with Him. I may toe lines on occasion. I may tease Him. I may even be stubborn and stomp my foot in frustration. But at the end of the day, He is the one with the power. And eventually He'll get His way. So if He's reigning me in, I do my best to obey. :)

  2. Oooo I LOVE the sound of progress!!!!!

    So happy things are going so well for you JAS!!!


    1. Yes, yes. Lots of progress for me. :-P

      But things are going really well right now. Here's hoping that continues!