Friday, September 30, 2016


I am so glad I made a fuss with the nurses at my psychiatrist's office and got an appointment yesterday. Apparently the one in November was cancelled as well because of Veterans day...really? No one looked before setting up my appointment? Ugh

But in some good news, as of December, I'll actually be seeing him every 6 weeks. At least for three visits. That's what we booked. My psychiatrist made sure that I could get in that often.

With trying new meds and them not working, having bad side effects, I should be seeing him that often. Given that he's not taking any new patients, seeing him should be easier going forward.

It'll make my therapist happy and likely more at ease. I know it's been a concern of his in the past.

I have a new med to try. Funnily enough, it's the one my therapist recommended and I didn't even mention it. It has the least side effects of all the ssris. So here's hoping. I stuck it out with cymbalta for a year, even though the last 5 of those months sucked. I know I can get on a med without the side effects trying to kill me, lol.

I know I really didn't want to go on another med, but since I have the psychiatrist, and in in therapy, this is the right time to try out meds to see if they help or not. I have to give more than 4 meds an honest try given how many meds are out there for mental health and how picky my body is about meds.

If they aren't for me, at least I can say I tried the best I could.

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