Sunday, September 4, 2016

Stuff and Junk LOL

Things are going well. As much as well can be with occasional flashbacks which aren't behaving in the way I'm used to them acting, and medication side effects. Why are lightheaded, dizziness, and tiredness always the side effects? Always always always. ALWAYS. Except Abilify. No that just makes me constantly hungry. Don't mistake me. It doesn't make me want to eat all the food. It's not a craving. I'm starving after I take it. All day. I wake up starving.

But like I said, things are actually going well. Lisa and I are doing better with our friendship. She just had major surgery. She has endometriosis and it was BAD. She went from stage 1 to stage 2 to leaving surgery as a stage 3. Do not google pictures unless you have a strong stomach. But I went over last week to help take care of her and give her husband a break. She still managed to get a massive hematoma. The bruise is nasty. But even with all of that, she feels so much better which is great. Nothing pressing up against her insides anymore would do the trick. I made us lunch while I was over. She was the happiest a person could be LOL

I know I don't talk about Frank much, my boyfriend. My therapist says the same thing. He got a promotion about a month ago, maybe a little longer. Sense of time is screwy. He used to work in the town where we live, which was great. Thankfully he's only working about 30 minutes away now so it's not a bad commute but it does make the days that much longer. Since he's management in retail, the hours are screwy too, and while they're at least consistent days and hours, anyone who has ever worked retail knows that ya live by a whole different schedule than the rest of the world. His weekends are mostly Sunday and Monday. We've had a Monday and Thursday though. I know this wekk and the next are going to be weird because Friday hours are different and he's working the Sunday following it.

And we're approaching...wait for it...Holiday Season. I fucking kid you not. Last year it started in mid-October for him, but for the position he has now, if I'm remembering right, prep is going to start as early as next week. Maybe the following. I know there's a conference coming up that the person right above Frank has to go to is coming up and that's why the schedule change (the ridiculous amount of management levels in retail and corporate ugh!). And that whole conference is about the Holiday Season.

I know way too much about this job and company, but that's also my thing. I'm not a sideline person. I can't help Frank succeed if I have no idea what the hell is going on. So I bugged his previous store management about stuff all the time when they weren't busy. Once his head boss realized I was asking important questions and was actually listening/caring, we built a good report. Plus, I'd always just listen to conversations and be mindful. That's what good subs do, right??? Hahahaha

I'm far too plotting to be a good sub. But I do it out of love. That should count...

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