Sunday, July 14, 2013

We March Swiftly Towards The Dark

What happens when we all resign
One by one laying down the torches we bear
We've done it for them a thousand times
No more will we walk this road
What will You do then?

Your Healer is burnt out, in despair
She can not fix them, how can she stand tall
When You sweep the ground from beneath her feet
She needs to be the strongest, the weakest of us all
Yet still not the first resignation

Your Historian has lost his might
In the power of words, memories are foreign
The one that binds us to our past, to our path,
Abandoned his post, walked away from unsung glory
He will not come home to You

Your Priest struggles in faith, with Your lack of grace
A man torn in two can not be a vessel
Trying to lead, wandering blindly in the dark
He now follows religion, not his heart
You won't reveal the path he walks

Your Warrior can offer no defense for what comes
The strength You gave her, gone
Marching into battle knowing she will not return
Giving them her all before, she will give her last
She will claim the peace from You she earned

What will You do when we won't
Fight, Lead, Guide, Comfort
When Your plans unravel at the seams You sewed
Will You replace us without second thought
Or give us what we need to do what we must?

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