Tuesday, July 30, 2013

And I'm Back...

I don't know what to say about everything that's been happening. Just that we're going to be okay, eventually. So don't worry about us, at least not too much, please. :)

Otherwise, we've been seeing each other a decent amount lately. That's been a blessing. We had some fun together the other weekend. I did write about it shortly afterwards so I'll post that soon.

I spent some time with Lisa and the monster man last week. Life has been really stressful as her husband is going through a nightmare with his job. Everyone will be happier once that mess is over. It's been crazy for the last year, but these last few weeks have been nearly hell for them. It'll be better once he's gone from that damn company. My heart aches from them with all this stress.

Therapy is going okay. It's been helping. I'll have more to share after the last couple of weeks we've been having. I go back in less than a week. Sir mentioned coming with me to meet my therapist when we saw each other on Saturday. I'd question whether He meant it, but I know Him better than that.

The funny part is that Chris asked me shortly after I started if the therapist would want to meet him. I mentioned it to the guys as soon as I told the therapist about them. Now Sir wants to meet the therapist. They think alike, too much so at times. If they ever get to know each other and become friends, god help me. :-P

Chris is thinking of coming up to visit soon. Not sure about the specifics yet. But it would be really nice to see him. Until we got back together, we hadn't seen that much of one another over the last several years. We both always had too much going on, though we could have made the time if we wanted.

Honestly, even 20 minutes away, Sir seems like He lives too far for my liking. So y'all can imagine how I feel about Chris living 3 hours from me. It's just one of those things I have to live with, lol.


  1. Welcome back!!!!

    It sounds like your break has done you some good.

    Missed you!


    1. It did. :)

      I missed you too. You need to write more! :D

  2. Good to see you Jas!!!
    I never had any doubt that you'd be ok. It's just what you have to go through to get there. Keep on keepin on.

    Give your guys a big high five for me. :)


    1. Heh, I will. Though I don't think I've ever given either of them high fives before...that might be a little awkward. Hahaha!

      I am just keeping on for now. It's about all I can do.