Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hastily Stolen Kisses

I know I owe y'all an update about our conversations on non-monogamy. I'll get to that in my next post, I promise!

I stopped by Sir's yesterday. I was out, on my way home. He mentioned that He was around and I could stop if I felt so inclined. I wasn't about to pass up on that opportunity!!

We only had about 45 minutes, most of which was spent cuddling. I needed the comfort as some personal stuff has been going on lately. Just being with Him helped wonders.

Hot picture, though not Us
I could tell He wanted to kiss me from the moment He pulled me close. The restraint that man has is both incredible and frustrating, lol. But it wasn't too long before our lips met and I melted. He also had a fistful of my hair, gently tugging at it. Yum!

He had me backed against something...I wasn't really paying attention to the details of our surroundings at the time. In between kisses, He said, "I want to do terrible things to you..."

Tentatively, we have plans for just that next Saturday. Spending the night at His place. It'll be nice to sleep cuddled with Him, let alone the rest of it.

He didn't want to let me go, not that I wanted to leave. But eventually, we had to part as He had places He needed to be.

We also see each other on Tuesday. I may steal more cuddles from Him then as I'm sure I'll need them. Stress is a bitch. I'm sure all of that will fade away when whatever deliciously evil plans Sir has become a reality.


  1. Nothing like a good scene to alleviate stress, hopefully the time until then will go by quickly.

  2. Oh,terrible things are ever so lovely ;) I hope.... I'm sure it will be exactly what the doctore ordered.