Thursday, February 14, 2013

The rest of Sunday

So Sunday, before things got a little crazy, was actually a fantastic day.

He mentioned the other day that every time He sees me, He wants to ravish me. I was taken back by that, in a good way. Sunday I went over to His place. I was downstairs for all of two minutes when I was marched upstairs to the bedroom.

Kisses that stole my breath away. He pushed me towards the bed, so that my legs were hanging off of it. Pushed up my skirt and pulled my panties aside. He found me wet, the kisses alone had me drenched. Grabbing some rope, He tied my hands and arms together. Bondage for me and a harness for Him to grab.

Then He fucked me senseless, lol. Literally. He had me cum on command, just as He came. That's something nifty right there, gotta tell ya. Suddenly I look at all those romance stories where the partners come together in a new light. Orgasm control anyone? Tee hee hee!

After all the delicious sex...and it was incredibly delicious...we went to see a movie. "Warm Bodies"

I won't give anything away. But I highly recommend the movie. I'll go out on a limb and say Sir would too. We were dying laughing for most of the movie. Except when I had to grab His hand because I was jumping. Hate scary things, lol. The ending surprised us...I'll leave it at that.

You know about most of the rest of the evening. The panic attack happened shortly after we got back to His place. But that actually wasn't the end of our evening. We headed back upstairs to watch more "Chuck"; I'm really beginning to like the show. I have a feeling I'll love it soon enough. The character of Chuck reminds me of Sir. Part of why He loves the show. I love the man, but He is sometimes very clueless.

Before we settled in to watch Chuck, He decided to have a little fun and punish me as well. See, I was listening to music the other night. I ended up having three orgasms listening to Adele's "Set Fire To The Rain"...the live version. It's sexy as hell. And while Sir was more amused than anything by this turn of events (I'm sure He'll use it against me at some point), He realized I would feel guilty until I was punished.

*blushes*  He had me suck Him off very briefly...then made me watch and not be able to touch as He finished Himself off...then He came all over me. Now something He remembered that I have not mentioned here is that I find being cum on humiliating. To the point of being degrading. It was a creative way to remind me of my place, while not truly being a severe punishment.

That was our Sunday. Even now, I'm squirming just thinking of it.

I realize it's Valentine's Day. We won't be seeing each other today. I knew and I'm sure He did as well. We'll have our weekend together. Plus, V-day is just a commercialism ploy. I show love, affection, care every day. I don't need a damn holiday to "prove" myself, nor does Sir or anyone else for that matter.

I'll try to update, even just a little bit over the weekend. No promises though as I'm sure the next few days will be a whirlwind.


  1. Sounds like a good time and the punishment was not too bad, although being made to watch is always hard.

    1. Yes, it's torturous. Taunting. I want to do my job, giving Him pleasure. Not being able to do that is quite difficult for me.

      Otherwise, it was a great time. ^_^