Thursday, February 7, 2013

Non-ending Orgasms

The man is deliciously, fantastically evil. God I love Him!

27 orgasms...yeah. I asked for some help. I was having some not so great pain. Lovely how the human body works, especially being a woman.

I figured I'd get a little bit of help. Heh, be careful what ya wish for. He wore me out for half an hour. Testing out different orgasm control commands. Mad scientist at work, LOL!!

Gotta love Him for it though as the pain is all gone. :)

Now He wants to try out different commands and signals in have me doing this ALL the time!! EVIL!

I once offhandedly mentioned that we could stick with orgasm control for months and not be bored. Seems He's going to test that out.

The man is so lucky I love Him...and I'm just as lucky to have Him.

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