Friday, February 15, 2013


I'm all packed up for our trip. All the plans have been settled. We're not driving up alone, and I have the others coming to my place. It was the easiest solution. They'll be here at 5. That's when Sir gets out of work so in case they run late (very likely) there is plenty of time for everything to run smoothly.

I am punctual. It bothers me when others aren't. I've learned who those people are and I adjust time accordingly. My mother is like that so I've had practice. Sir is always punctual, a good trait. Now we can just hope that work doesn't hold Him up. Considering it's a Friday, they shouldn't...I'm not a huge fan of His current employment. An understatement for how He feels.

Anyway, I'm all dolled up. Excited to get on the road and arrive at our destination. Plunge head first into the madness that will likely ensue. I'm bringing a few kinky toys with me. Not sure if we'll use them but the option will be available.

I'll admit I am a bit nervous. I've touched upon the orgasm control now and then. He has plans...I am fully prepared to orgasm many times, in public surrounded by lord only knows how many people. Trying to contain it. Hide it well enough so no one notices.

My inner Sadist and masochist are loving this plan. Totally for it. Great fun. The inner sub has humility, and is wide eyed in fear. Hoping He won't actually do this but knowing He's already done it. Tuesday...the man had me under. Used one of my trigger words to taunt me. In public, among our friends.

Don't get me wrong, I do want this. I'm also well aware that the fantasy and the reality are very different. The fantasy makes me wet and swoon. The reality will do the same, with large doses of humiliation. The kind that leaves me trembling. Good thing I have someone to catch me if I fall.


  1. Have a fantastic time. I am like you, can't stand when people are not on time and OMG that is my theme song!!!

  2. Punctuality is inevitable of those things for me too. If we are running even a minute late mild panic starts settling in. Maybe its a sub thing.

    Love,love,love when Daddy gets those little doses of humiliation in.