Friday, June 7, 2013

The Who's Who

While I was away, Sarah told me it gets rather confusing around here without names. Mea culpa. In order to clear some of that up, I've given names to people. No, these are not people's real names. This will also make sure that I don't forget what I call people, as some of them only make casual appearances. I'm also going to make another page in the tab section with links to important posts such as this one.

I don't think there's confusion with Sir/Him. I'll ask if there's a name He wants to go by though.

As for the BF (boyfriend), I'll be calling him Chris.

The Ex...well I don't really want to name him because I just want him gone. So I'll just call him "The Ex".

To clarify some things, when I started this I was in a LDR with a Dom. We're friends now, though not terribly close. I can't imagine talking about him much here. But he is a different person from The Ex.

I have mentioned K and R. From now on I'll call them Kevin and Rebecca. I think names are easier to remember. They're dating and live together. They're good friends who kinda think of me as theirs, in a non-relationship context. They are...concerned...that I'm going to get my heart very broken by Sir. Though hopefully those fears have eased some over the last few months.

Then there's my best friend, Lisa. With her cute son, the monster man. Her hubby we'll call James, though I imagine he won't come up in conversation very often.

There are other people I may bring up now and then, including some exes from the past. Who knows, I may have new people to write about. (Is it just me, or did anyone notice my leash being pulled in tight just then??  Hahaha)  We are still looking for a woman to play with, so I do hope to talk about her one day--whoever she may end up being.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion. :)


  1. Glad you cleared all that up ;) I agree with you. You should put a link to this post or add another page with these explanations.

  2. Why do K and R think you are going to get your heart very broken by Sir? Just curious. maya

    1. I think it had more to do with where everything was at in the Fall.

      It was obvious I'd fallen for Sir. My heart was His--to cherish and nourish or abandon and destroy. They knew when we began having a sexual relationship. I'm almost certain they they believed He was using me for sex.

      We had a bad week in October. I was jealous, and due to circumstances beyond my control, I let it show. Kevin and Rebecca were there when that went down. Yet I think it was not two weeks later that we had sex for the first time. A lot happened between us that wasn't seen or heard.

      They know The Ex and how destructive he was being to Sir and my friendship. I think they're not the only ones who are surprised that Sir's not told The Ex to "Calm the fuck down and shut the hell up."

      There was a moment in the spring that may have helped everything. Kevin was at dinner with us. It was just the three of us. There was no pretending or hiding or any of the usual walls that are up when other people are around. The love between us was obvious and quite mutual. I can only hope that day and the time since has helped ease their minds.

      They are always going to worry though. They love me, just as I love them. I worry about them and I hope they'll be able to make it work between them. Being concerned (even if it's unnecessary) is what friends do. :)