Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Two Weeks of Teasing

Last night, I was at a munch with several friends, including Kevin and Rebecca. It was so good to see them. We're trying to make plans for the four of us, as well as a night of play--willing plaything that I am. :D

One of my friends was wearing a suit. Now, normally this guy does nothing for me whatsoever. A good friend but definitely not interested. Put him in a suit and suddenly he's infinitely more appealing. I actually had to go touch the suit, tailored might I add. I was so riled up. Doesn't help that Kevin and Rebecca were completely teasing me earlier in the night too.

Of course I told Sir about this once I got home. I wanted to be dominated and fucked right then and there, lol. He was amused that I was so desperate and needy. What happens this morning? I start daydreaming about the end of the month. He wanted to know all  about it. Sir has taken it upon Himself to torment me for the next two weeks, whenever He can. Wants me to be an eager, willing, pliant submissive for Him. One who'd be willing to do just about anything.

And...I love Him all the more for it. It's going to be an agonizingly wonderful two weeks. Once He gets me all alone, oh dear!! I'm so in trouble, in the best way. It's going to be absolutely fantastic. He'll have His slutty, eager submissive to play with. All worked up, thinking constantly about sucking His cock. Really, that's all I've thought about all day long, when I haven't been thinking about more fantasies. I want Him in me, in every hole. He could do pretty much about anything to me right now and I would love it. Hahaha! :P

So on a completely unrelated note, even the therapist thinks Sir is good for me. I'm highly amused by this. Up until the end of today's session, the therapist didn't know anything about Sir and I beyond that we're friends. And I quote, "You need more friends like Him."  Towards the end, I basically came clean knowing that I'm terrible at speaking vaguely. I explained how I'm polyamorous and kinky. Neither of which shocked him. Apparently he's had kinky patients before. I think that's fantastic. The poly bit is new to him but as I explained what that meant for me, he was completely open about it.

I outright told the guy that my relationship with Sir is the healthiest relationship I've ever had. Considering how much the guy likes Sir already, I'm sure he'll agree with that. I figure we'll talk more about both when I see him in two weeks. I'm not ashamed of my lifestyle choices. Why should I call Sir and the bf "just friends" when they are so much more? Plus, as Sir pointed out, "A therapist picking up on openly broadcast emotions? No way!  I tease, of course."  I probably smiled a little (or a lot), every time I spoke of Sir, even as a friend. I can't help it, lol.

After I get back from time with Chris, I have another session. I'm surprisingly enjoying therapy, way more than I ever expected. Which I think that has everything to do with how much I like the therapist. :)  I hope it continues to go this well.


  1. I think it was the right "time" for you to see a therapist & that's why it is going so well ... you are open & ready it & that's fantastic!!

    And honestly JAS, if you are this worked up over Sir right now .. I can't wait to see you in two weeks!!! o.O


    1. Oh I know!!! But apparently that's supposed to be the point. Hee hee!

      Ugh, I can't be productive and sex crazed!! I need to do laundry and the washer cycled out just now. But I'm going to stay in the fantasy in my head for a few more. Because frankly imagining the below is way more fun:

      We're on the bed, he's sitting up and I'm straddled over him. My hands are bound behind me. He has one arm wrapped around my waist, keeping me pulled in close. The other hand is busy holding a vibe against my clit, bringing me to orgasm after orgasm. I'm a shaking mess of overwhelmed sensations, trying to inch away but he keeps me held tight against him. Not giving me any relief until he knows I'm thoroughly and completely worn out.

      *sighs happily* That's WAY more fun than laundry!! LOL

    2. DAMMIT WOMAN! I have laundry to do!!! *pouts*

  2. My therapist knows that we are DD-D/s, and still says Guardian is the best thing that has happened to me. She says she sees a great improvement from my confidence to self-image. How awesome is that?

    His China Doll

  3. JAS :) SO happy for you!!!!! I can't tell you how relieved and happy (for lack of a better word) that you like and trust your therapist. I have to agree with Lost Kittie - it was the right time. Really - I'm just smiling over it.

    You are SO going to enjoy your "agonizingly wonderful" 2 weeks. and then when you finally are able to 'connect'...it'll be heard all over the Northern hemisphere!

    Your fantasy above is more fun than a lot of things!! Good grief, I'm at work! ;)