Thursday, June 20, 2013

When it all goes to hell

Last night was...god last night was a mess. Dinner didn't happen until 9 PM because charcoal is a fickle bitch. But it was delicious and amazing...until my friend put his hand against his chest. I saw his girlfriend freak out; she knew exactly what had just happened. Apparently he has a narrow esophagus and food likes to get trapped there, especially when he's anxious. He could breathe, which made the situation just a little less horrific.
Have I mentioned that I'm surrounded by introverts with this group of friends? Severe introverts who can't or won't open up to people that can actually help them.  *sigh*  There's one extrovert, who of course left yesterday. The friends who weren't able to come are probably a healthy mixture of introvert and extrovert, so I no real issues with them.
Anyway, that's what happened. As we listened for the next...oh forty five his body freaking out and him saying that it wasn't time yet  to go to the hospital, I shut down. His girlfriend was a mess. I was numb to keep the panic away. Eventually we convinced him to go to the hospital, enough was enough. Thankfully, he got carsick on the way and his body stopped trying to freak out. So we brought him back to rest and unwind.

Food for the next few days is going to be interesting. Given how much both of them will be freaking out, I'm thinking liquids. Lots and lots of liquids that can not get stuck. I don't know how his girlfriend has done this several times over the years, where lately it's meant a hospital trip every single time. There's underlying issues that need to be fixed and I don't think they're going to be any time soon.

Sir was my lifesaver through all of this. As we were leaving for the hospital, I sent Him a text saying I needed to talk with him, this is what is going on, and I'm freaking out. We proceeded to talk for the next hour or so, as the numbness wore off and the unused panic tried to set in. I was given emotional interstate cuddles, which made me giggle and relax.

At that point, my mind could only handle simple emotions, as the rest of the day was not really any better than the nighttime. So slowly the panic set into love, which was much stronger. Because I have an awesome Sir who loves me and keeps me safe. I would have been freaking the fuck out without Him.

He is my warm strength when I'm weak or I fall. I love everything about that. :)


  1. That actually happened to me once. I've had my esophagus stretched and take Prilosec occasionally and I haven't had it happen since. But I've heated I should have it stretched every 5 years.
    How sad for your vacation. Hope the rest is just mellow and enjoyable!

    I'm super glad Sir was there for you :) *sigh*
    You're good for each other :)

  2. It's scary when something like that happens. Glad Sir was there for you even if he couldn't be there in person.